Friday, 7 March 2014

Shortymonster and Eliza the Witch

I was lucky enough to have recently been given an idea for a NPC, by Paul over at Shortymonster as part of his self-congratulatory post after hitting 10,000 views. The early posts are pretty great for learning the ropes if you're a GM in the making, and for those who wish to improve there games, which should be pretty much everyone.

So here's the idea for a type of character who you could expect to meet while wondering around a steam-punk metropolis. This was all written by Shorty, and there are quite a few more, so I suggest you check it out.

" She always found the symmetry beautiful, watching cogs turn in clockwork motion, instantly able to calculate lines of symmetry in the ticking of second to second to second, each movement changing the pattern as the machinery worked. Eliza always knew how the cogs would mesh, what the patterns would show, and how to use this knowledge. Some called her a Witch, as if her powers of precognition were supernatural in nature, but she just knew how to spot patterns, how to connect the spinning wheels of what is, and see what will be.

People used to travel great distances to have their future laid out for them, back when she was very young. Now she is a little older, nearing twenty, she has spent a large part of her life travelling, learning and teaching as she goes. It’s not just that she sees the future anymore, but by applying her knowledge, she can change it. As long as she likes you, Eliza can raise you from a pauper to a Prince, but she is quick to change her mind, or forget about you entirely, as she turns her attention to the beautiful symmetry that surrounds her, in the shape of the most wondrous devices every crafted…

This lack of focus means she pays so little attention to herself that most imagine her as nothing but a crazy person, with unkempt hair, and mismatching clothes hanging off a frail physique and hiding a plain face. If you were to pass her in the street, not knowing the power she possesses, you would likely cross over to the other side, hearing her mumbling about angles and integers, and lines that reflect perfectly… "

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