Friday, 21 March 2014

FATE Episode 2: Revenge of the Tutorial

Two new players joined the game, and made two new characters:
- Kalameet, a demonic dragon in a human host, obsessed with making deals
- Voyjek the Soldier Bear, a 10-foot, yellow, were-bear in a highly elastic red shirt.

Suddenly the double doors Ace and Racharzan had used to enter burst open again. Through the doors came Kalameet and Voyjek. With a squeak and a quack, The Boss called for reinforcements from not-so-secret passages on either side of the hole.
Why always red?
Is there a discount red barrel store?

Racharzan struggled to his feet despite the impedance of the soapy water, and pushed the lone swordsman down onto the ground, so that he fell on other butt. while Ace completely failed his Athletics roll in running towards the wizard, and ended in the adjacent zone with the red drums. The wizard gripped the staff in his hands, pointing the end at Ace and shouted "I am Ivan the Pyromancer! You will not defeat Me!" as the flames around him rose up and surged forward onto both Ace and the red oil drums. The On Fire zone aspect left Ivan Slightly Singed, but in return he invoked it to power his spell. He also tagged the Bright Red Barrels to cause a reaction when exposed to his flames. The explosion left Ace Extra Crispy.

Voyjek moved into the fray himself, easily tearing the head from one of the newly-appearing mook's head, and leaving the mook next to the first blood soaked and with years of potential therapy. Kalameet on the other hand, simply strode confidently and causally around the gaping hole and the segmented bodies Ace had left behind him. "Ivan" he called with his hand out stretched. "I've come for you". The badass boast however was undermined when two newly-appeared mooks unloaded their guns around Kalameet's feet, forcing him to stand on the edge of the large hole.

Racharzan finally overwhelmed her enemy, summoning a spiritual sword, slicing into him and forcing him backwards into the bottemless pit. One of The Bosses bodyguards suddenly ran forward towards the pit. "JULIAN!", she screamed, "You KILLED my HUSBAND!". Everyone at the table laughed. Seriously, that's plain evil.

Ace charged out of the soot and smoke at Ivan, swinging his Kawaii-Desu-Neko-Blade an inch away from Ivan and he answered by calling up a half-dome of solid fire, showing off the block action of the magic system. Ace, however, was stronger than the wizards magic and cut though the flames like a cold knife through butter, dispersing the energy. 

Kalameet was rammed by two mooks with swords as they attempted to push him into the bottemless pit, and with Kalameet being on the edge already, were successful. He began to fall just as The Boss let loose a cloud of bullets from the turret, and with it being on the raised platform was able to target a large section of the map. Voyjek shrugged off the hits as flesh wounds, but the two mooks pushing Kalameet were torn to shreds by the flying lead. Kalameet was already falling so the bullets missed him, but Rac wasn't so he decided the best place to go was in the hole too, invoking his main aspect and used unique biology to craft a web to pull himself into the hole and catch Kalameet. From within the hole, Kalameet sent began a physic conversation with the woman who had just lost her husband, quickly learning her name was Julia, and making her a deal to kill someone on her own side, and Kalameet would bring back Julian. They did have a necromancer after all.

Ivan tried to escape Ace by running towards where Julia and The Boss were, but Ace followed close behind. Julia ran back up the stairs of the raised platform and took the controls of the turret from The Boss, aiming it downwards towards Ivan and Ace. A storm of bullets ripped into them, tearing most of Ivan's legs off. Ace, on the other hand, just ripped his shirt off and reflected the bullets off his amazing pecs. Yes, really, that happened, he has the aspect built for perfection

How can something be both
bottemless and be 65 feet deep?
Julia grabbed The Boss and bounded down the stairs, opening an actually secret passageway. Ivan crawled forward and Julia pulled him in. Ace tried to catch them but the strain of the explosion and gunfire caused him to malfunction halfway. Screaming how the party hadn't seen the last of him, Ivan reached to a lever and pulled it shutting the passage down. The two remaining mooks in the warehouse, the two who had shot at Kalameet, fled back into the not-so-secret passageways they had come from. It was then discovered that the bottemless pit wasn't actually bottemless, and Julian was still alive, but badly broken. The party took Julian when they climbed out and left the warehouse.

I liked how Ace's character let The Boss, Julia and Ivan escape, even though he had enough points to have easily bought off the compel. Voyjek didn't get much action story-wise, spending the whole game smashing mooks. Kalameet's player quite enjoyed roleplaying, and we took that in stride. Racharzan's player was good at thinking of different ways to test the rules, and she grabbed some of the magic rules well. Ace's player enjoyed developing on the go, and he seemed to enjoyed the 'Success with Style' rule.

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